Be Italian: an Italian piazza in the heart of New York

Once again the Big Apple will be hosting the fair featuring the best in food products and professional cooking equipment, Made in Italy, showcasing them in the principal world market. At the Javits Center in Manhattan from 3 to 5 March as part of the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show.

It’s not just food
A traditional Italian product should not be considered as merely “food”, because it incorporates a whole set of values having to do with much more than excellent ingredients and raw materials. Made in Italy food is the fruit of ancient traditions, know-how and skills passed down from one generation to the next and flavors with distant provenances.
When you buy one of the products or order a traditional dish in a restaurant you are also stipulating all of this; and ever more American consumers are opting, if only for the length of a meal, to be Italian.

Be Italian: a public square featuring the best of products Made in Italy
Be Italian is a fair designed to present professional restaurant and foodservice industry members – chefs, restaurateurs, distributors and dealers – a sampling of the best Italian products: not just traditional food products, but also professional cooking equipment, because it’s only with the right tools that one can truly bring out all the flavor and best showcase these fine foods.
Be Italian is being held for the second year within the context of the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show, one of the most important American fairs in this sector. The show will set up to resemble an actual Italian city square, a piazza: an area showcasing the flavors of Italy where food industry members can discover and sample excellent products to offer their customers.
That’ right, because it’s these professionals who are being asked to assume the role of interpreter vis-à-vis the consumer; at Be Italian professional industry members will have an opportunity to meet the producers, learn about the food’s special characteristics and, of course, sample it all.

What to expect at Be Italian
Be Italian will be offering a selection of products, some of which are being presented for the first time in the American market, but all sharing the distinction of absolute excellence. All historic companies, boasting a time-honored tradition of experience, participating in Be Italian to establish business relations with restaurant and foodservice industry members, thereby expanding their networks.

Agnelli Cookware: for over 110 years leaders in cookware production
From its inception, Agnelli Cookware stood out for its products in waterproof aluminum, capable of withstanding high temperatures, while transmitting heat to the entire surface without any chemical interaction. A genuine winning formula. The path struck by Baldassare Agnelli was followed by his son, Angelo, and is still pursued by the third and fourth generations, united by the concept of “chef inspired cookware”.

Carandini: a Modenese fairy tale
As far back as 1641 the best vinegar in Modena flourished the Carandini name and to this day its beneficial properties and distinctive sweet-and-sour tang, with a harmonious, balanced flavor, are the fruit of a time-honored craft-based tradition handed down from one generation to the next: from Antonio to Giuseppe, from Bianca to Emilio, the ancient flavor has been passed on from parent to child.