From the limoncello made from Calabrian lemons, to the vodka Made in Italy and earning a gold medal in San Francisco: Polini is bringing the best in alcoholic beverages and Italian syrups to New York

A company that for over 50 years has been focusing on technology and product development selects Be Italian for expanding its commercial activities in the US.

From the province of Brescia, Polini produces specialties distributed throughout the world
Founded in 1967 in Paratico, on the shores of Lake Iseo, Polini Distillates & Beverages is one of the largest groups in the D&B sector in Italy and a principal player in Europe. Polini Group Italia manages a vast portfolio of private labels and premium brands marketed in over 25 countries, with specialized operating units in Italy, Spain and Scotland.

Objective: developing the principal foreign markets
Having consolidated its leadership position in the Italian market, Polini’s goal is to expand its business in the foreign markets to the point where 40% of sales will be generated by exports. To further this end, over the years the company has made significant investments on both the industrial level and in the key area of Research & Development, not to mention the expansion of its distribution network thanks to agreements with important commercial partners and foreign distributors.

Products with a conspicuous Italian character
Flag bearer of a time-honored tradition featuring carefully selected, top-quality raw materials, the Polini product range includes some of the most important and best known Italian liquors. This illustrious assortment includes:

Limoncello Liberty: made with the zest of fresh lemons from Calabria, still brimming with aroma and essential oils. This liquor is the fruit of a traditional recipe that won the gold medal in 2012 at ISW Mundus Vini, the most prestigious spirits competition in Germany.

Vodka 2Nite: this 100% Made in Italy vodka comes from the quadruple distillation of wheat and the addition of pure alpine spring water. This exclusive production method ensures vodka with a clean and smooth flavor, appreciated by connoisseurs all over the world. Indeed, 2NITE won the coveted gold medal in 2009 and 2010 and the double gold medal in 2011 at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition, one of the most important international competitions in the distilled spirits sector.

Fernet, an Italian classic: in Milan, back in 1842 Domenico Vittone invented Fernet, an amaro obtained from the maceration of more than 40 selected herbs, including myrrh, rhubarb, chamomile, cardamom, aloe vera and saffron, the most Milanese of all the spices.
Since then Fernet has been produced in compliance with the original, patented recipe and with the same uncompromising rigor regarding the selection of raw materials and quality of the manufacturing processes.

Stillfrutta: a line of syrups featuring ingredients of only the best quality, an attribute which is guaranteed by a careful and rigorous selection process and numerous batteries of panel tests. By way of guaranteeing their wholesomeness, all our products boast a significant percentage of real juice from Italian fruit, while, in the case of the mint syrup, we use exclusively natural Piedmontese peppermint extract.