Tradizioni Padane: Be Italian will be showcasing the artisans of fresh, completely handmade and now, also, Kosher pasta

Officina della Pasta: back when everyone was striving to industrialize, a new brand came along focusing exclusively on craft-based methods
The Tradizioni Padane Company, with its Officina della Pasta brand, was created in 1991 in Gottolengo (Brescia), during the period of wholesale industrialization in this sector, and immediately they made a crucial decision in terms of specialization: a controversial decision at variance with the conventional wisdom of the time. The company opted to devote itself to the retrieval of local culinary traditions and past production methods, rediscovering the inestimable value of making products by hand.
“And time has proven us right,” said Leonardo Salvini, CEO of Tradizioni Padane. “Masterful craft-based production processes, an unflagging quest for natural primary materials – free of artificial coloring agents, preservatives and chemical flavoring -, precisely measured quantities of ingredients and hand-executed techniques for fashioning and filling stuffed pastas, realized in different shapes and sizes, have all been contributing factors in ensuring constant growth for the company, establishing our reputation in Italy and the rest of the world as a premier craft-based pasta producer.”

A tradition that has evolved in order to satisfy the most modern tastes
Over the years, while always emphasizing craft-based work methods, Tradizioni Padane has also developed and implemented technologies that make it possible to optimize production time, guaranteeing consistent levels of quality, even when large numbers of product are involved. Today Tradizioni Padane turns out 4,000 kg of raviolis a day, all made by hand!
The result is a unique organic and vegan product selection, absolutely top-quality: fresh handmade pasta, both flat and filled varieties, dried pasta, plus, more recently, gourmet pasta specialties. Kosher selection which should appeal to a significant segment of the American market.
Tradizioni Padane exports its products to 20 countries around the world: all of Europe, in addition to the US, Canada and Japan.

Pasta tailors: custom-made products to satisfy all customers
“Thanks to decades of accumulated know-how, the elevated flexibility and versatility of our production line,” Leonardo Salvini continued, “we are capable of coming up with custom-tailored solutions.
We customize the products (in terms of flavor, color, size and shape) and the packaging based on the specifications provided by the customer, guaranteeing prompt delivery and the same qualitative excellence that distinguishes all the products made by our company.”

“We already have a number of fixed appointments at Be Italian: it will be useful for finding new importers”
Tradizioni Padane has already been present in the US for a couple of years with its dried and fresh pasta products, recently introducing the frozen Kosher line of fresh pasta.
“We’re not yet talking about a significant volume of business,” concluded Salvini, “but this is why we are attending Be Italian, i.e. with the aim of bolstering our volume of business by means of new importers. We will be showing the entire line of dried pasta products and the line of fresh pasta, including the Kosher items. We already have a number of meetings lined up and so we are confident about finding the right professional industry members active in the Ho.Re.Ca. (Food Service) and retail sectors.”