Built over the ruins of a 14th-century Franciscan monastery, the Manestrini Olive Mill is bringing to New York its Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Lake Garda

For the first time in the US market, the company has selected Be Italian for presenting its excellent products.

The passion of a family that embraces the tradition of one of Italy’s most beautiful areas
Founded in 1960 by Egidio Manestrini, inspired by the love of his local native soil and olive growing, this olive mill is located in the magnificent area around Lake Garda, one of the most enchanting parts of Italy, famous for the unequaled quality of its highly esteemed agricultural products, such as olives.
The oil mill was built over the ruins of a 14th-century Franciscan monastery, which, as revealed by evidence gathered from the ancient stones utilized for pressing olives, was used from its very inception to carry out this time-honored milling tradition so intimately involved in the production of olive oil.

More than extra virgin olive oil
Even if the most important products of the Manestrini Olive Mill are Extra Virgin Garda Olive Oil DOP and Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, the company also sells flavored oils (lemon, orange, basil, chili pepper, garlic and truffle), vegetables in oil, olives in oil, olive pâté and vegetable creams. In addition, several years ago the Manestrini Olive Mill introduced a line of cosmetic products, featuring their own extra virgin olive oil.

Products made with traditional techniques
The cultivation of the olive groves is carried out following time-honored practices of pruning, fertilization and traditional harvesting, making it possible to ensure a superior quality of the typical extra virgin olive oil of the Lake Garda region.
The varieties of olive found in the groves of the Manestrini Estate are primarily Casaliva, Leccino and Frantoio.
The olives are harvested between October and the end of November with mechanical harvester equipment and by hand where necessary. The olives are made to fall into netting and then carried to the olive mill in aerated crates in order to guarantee the freshness of the olives and thereby the high chemical quality and organoleptic excellence of the resulting oil.
The olives are pressed and processed within 24-48 hours of harvesting, and the oil is promptly filtered and stored in stainless steel tanks to guarantee optimal conservation: grueling, costly work that requires quick processing carried out exclusively by mechanical means.

For the first time in the United States
Frantoio Manestrini selected Be Italian for making its debut in the US market. “Up until now we have operated primarily in the Italian, European and Japanese markets,” explained Nicoletta Manestrini, the company owner, “but in recent years production has augmented both qualitatively and quantitatively. So, the time is ripe to tackle the most important market in the world, in order to further expand. Without a doubt, Be Italian can serve as a worthwhile tool for Italian manufacturing companies because marketing and actually meeting local industry members in person are of crucial importance. We will be bringing to New York our DOP Garda Bresciano Extra Virgin Olive Oil, our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and our Flavored Oils, with the principal goal of reaching small, quality importers.”