Carandini: a Modenese fairy tale!

Produced by one of the oldest and most distinguished noble families of Emilia Romagna, Be Italian will be featuring a balsamic vinegar with almost four centuries of history behind it.

A long artisanal tradition
As far back as 1641 the best vinegar in Modena flourished the Carandini name and to this day its beneficial properties and distinctive sweet-and-sour tang, with a harmonious, balanced flavor, are the fruit of a time-honored craft-based tradition handed down from one generation to the next: from Antonio to Giuseppe, from Bianca to Emilio, the ancient flavor has been passed on from parent to child. Today its Silvia, Giovanni and Luca Carandini, the direct descendants of the original aristocratic masters of flavor, who continue to devote themselves to the production of excellent balsamic vinegar highly esteemed throughout the world.

Ancient know-how, modern production methods
Over the course of the centuries the Carandini family has managed to combine the ancient know-how passed down from generation to generation with cutting-edge production techniques. The selection of the ingredients, the maturing, and slow aging in casks made from different aromatic woods: our recipe books and the passion of our staff have been reinforced by efficient manufacturing techniques and savvy managerial skills. This has enabled us to bring the best Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and numerous other fine condiments to dining tables throughout the world. The company has grown and evolved, with constant attention always focused on the quality and the selection of the absolutely best primary ingredients, sought out from among the rich array of local products.

A subsidiary in New Jersey to expand business in the US
The company currently exports to all five continents, to Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceana and throughout America, from South America to the United States and Canada, the latter three markets representing Carandini’s main outlets outside of Europe. For this reason, two years ago the company decided to open a subsidiary operation in New Jersey in order to reinforce, consolidate and, above all, expand its presence with products bearing the Carandini brand.

A rebranding effort with the goal of appealing to the younger generation, presenting tradition in an innovative way
The central, key focus of the entire restyling initiative, a project about which the Carandini family is extremely enthusiastic, is to tell the story of tradition in an innovative way, breaking with the rules of a product category that by its very nature is bound to tradition, but can nevertheless evolve dramatically in terms of image and communication in order to engage the younger generation.
We have decided to give a name, our own, to the products that millions of people bring home every day in order to describe various different personalities and help shoppers orient themselves in a playful, intuitive manner as they navigate their way along the aisles of the stores. This is crucial as the challenge for the US market, and elsewhere, is to educate, guide and explain to shoppers how to recognize a genuine, original product, how to identify and understand the value of the various products, what this value is based on, and, finally, how to best use them.

Bringing all the new lines to Be Italian
“Now complete in every category, we’ll be featuring our entire new line in New York,” explained Chiara Arseni, the company’s marketing manager. “We will be showing Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP, Aged and Dense products, various Condiments, Apple Vinegar, Wine and Rice, plus a vast array of gastronomic Glazes.”