At Be Italian, the Palagiaccio cheese made in a Tuscan production facility with more than 1,000 years of history

A unique opportunity for sampling artisanal products, the fruit of centuries of tradition, bursting with the distinctive fragrances of the lands extolled by Dante.

More than just cheese: Palagiaccio means History
During the Early Middle Ages, the aristocratic Ubaldini family, also mentioned by Dante Alighieri in several passages of the Divine Comedy, had a fortified garrison built in the most fertile soils of the ancient Mugello region. With the emergence of the Florentine Republic, this estate came into the hands of the Medici family, where it served as the setting for innumerable historic, cultural and artistic events.
This millenary history is reflected in the Palagiaccio cheese products, which to this very day are still produced between the same walls so charged with Italian grandeur.

The few square meters of the milking parlor and cheese factory: all the quality of Italy’s artisanal tradition
The milk from the cows on the Palagiaccio farm travels just a few meters once it has been obtained: the cheese production facility is located just a few steps from the milking parlor, thus maintaining all the freshness and natural wholesomeness of the milk, which is conveyed to the cheese factory by means of gravity, avoiding any type of industrial operation. These conditions render the Palagiaccio products unique, imbuing them with a flavor that reflects the excellent quality of the farm’s milk.

Milk with no secrets. Palagiaccio is a guarantee of safety
The cows belonging to the farm have all been born and conceived here, with a great deal of loving attention devoted to the well-being and constant monitoring of the quality of their milk and the resulting cheese products.
There is nothing secret about the goodness of the Palagiaccio products, reflecting a commitment to quality based on unflagging respect for time-honored cheese-making traditions, a heritage that has nevertheless remained vital and dynamic, by no means disdaining the selective use of state-of-the-art technology in an effort to further ensure maximum safety and quality.

The crown jewel due to be presented at Be Italian: Gran Mugello Ubaldino
Among other things, Palagiaccio is also bringing a very special cheese to Be Italian: its Gran Mugello Ubaldino, which owes its name to the fact that it must be aged and ripened for at least one year in the “Ubaldine Caves”, buried deep beneath the crenellated Keep of Palagiaccio. This magnificent medieval palace is very typical and famous for being the residence of Ser Ugolino da Senni, the fearless Knight and illustrious member of the noble house of Ubaldini.

For the first time at Be Italian in order to expand commercial opportunities in the United States
“We decided to participate at Be Italian because we regard it as a worthwhile initiative when it comes to expanding our business dealings in the United States,” explained Carlo Bolli, owner of the Historic Palagiaccio Farm. “We have already been exporting to the United States for four years, but given the considerable experience and expertise accumulated by Lombardia Fiere in this sector, we look forward to their excellent support in our efforts to further develop our business.”