Italian ice cream: America’s favorite, with an annual growth of 25%

Nemox International will be presenting at Be Italian its ice-cream machines for restaurants, hotels, the catering and street food sectors.

The dream of 4 young entrepreneurs: low-cost ice-cream machines for home use
This is how Nemox International got started in 1986. And the innovative scheme of these four young men was immediately seized upon by some very important brands which began marketing the machine worldwide.
Today Nemox, which has produced over 6.5 million of these machines, is on the market with its own brand, continuing to invest in new products. Remaining true to its slogan, “A modern company that loves to combine technological innovation with total quality in order to create the products of tomorrow”, Nemox produces a line of machines for the professional Ho.Re.Ca sector.

Technology for simplicity of use
The Nemox ice-cream machines are characterized by ease of use and, thanks to the technology featured, in addition to ice cream, they make it possible to also make sherbet, granitas and frozen yogurt.
Design, planning and production of the machines takes place exclusively in Italy in compliance with all the pertinent health and safety regulations only a genuinely “Made in Italy” product can guarantee.

Italian gelato, not ice cream
Real Italian gelato has quite specific characteristics that make it unique throughout the world, clearly distinguishing it from classic ice cream. As opposed to regular ice cream, Italian gelato is made exclusively from natural ingredients, boasting a more delicate flavor, in no small part due to the difference in temperature between the two products. Moreover, gelato is only 7% sugar and fat, compared with 30% for regular ice cream, while only 15% of its volume is due to incorporated air, which can account for 50% of regular ice cream. Not to mention, obviously, the far greater choice in flavors!

With Nemox, gelato in practically any setting
Thanks to their unique characteristics, size and modest price, the Nemox machines can be used in restaurants, hotels, catering situations and street-food settings, offering the opportunity to prepare traditional American ice cream but, most importantly, to offer original Italian Gelato which has become all the rage in the United States. Indeed, the latest data released by Nielsen mention Italian gelato as one of the favorite foods of the Americans, thanks to an annual growth rate of 25%, of which 70% is consumed during the winter months. By now there are around one thousand Italian-style ice-cream shops in the US, but this figure obviously leaves lots of room for improvement.

Featuring 4 special flavors at Be Italian
“From the wide range of Nemox products in our catalogue,” pointed out Marina Guerra, the company’s head of sales and marketing, “at the fair we’ll be exhibiting machines featuring different sizes and characteristics, not to mention 4 flavors of special gelato flavors that can be sampled on the spot: Chocolate Mint, Tiramisu, Mango and Parmigiano.”
“Nemox’s goal at Be Italian is to acquaint professional industry members with the multiple business possibilities and the profits they can achieve by utilizing the Nemox gelato machines in their places of business, and the setting of Be Italian, which brilliantly promotes Italian design flair and local products in general, is clearly the perfect sort of environment in which to achieve this goal.”