All the way from the shores of Lake Como, where they have been made for more than 150 years, the blade specialists, Sanelli are bringing their knives to Be Italian.

In order to bring out the best in the excellent food products featured at Be Italian, suitable professional tools are needed. Sanelli offers more than 100 types of knives to satisfy any requirement.

Professional cutlery since 1864
“Coltellerie Sanelli” was originally founded in Premana, a small town near Lake Como and today the company is known throughout the world for the revolutionary results achieved with its new types of knives. Sanelli always carefully studied the needs of the people using professional knives, in response coming up with the “green knives”, featured in the Premana Professional line.
Over 150 years of experience in the production of cutlery, combined with relentless research into the application of new materials for improved ergonomics, hygiene and safety, position Coltellerie Sanelli right on the cutting edge (no pun intended) in the field of professional equipment. All the manufacturing processes are scrupulously monitored. Indeed, the company has been granted ISO 9001 quality certification and ISO 22000 food safety certification, while certain product lines have been NSF certified.

A range including over 100 types of blade
The range of Sanelli knives offers every professional, every enthusiast and every amateur the possibility of finding the most suitable product for his or her individual needs. Chopping, filleting, mincing, stuffing, spreading or fancy, decorative carving: anything’s possible with the knives and accessories Sanelli has created and continues to create, striving to satisfy the tastes and desires of demanding customers who expect only the best from their work tools.
In addition to the cutlery which feature well over 100 types of blade, Sanelli produces scissors, professional and home-kitchen accessories, also offering a vast array of items designed to complement the knives.

Advanced technology + artisanal precision = quality
Sanelli products have achieved unrivaled levels of excellence thanks to the expert combination of advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship; a rare balance only painstakingly accumulated experience can strike. It is this philosophy that still to this day inspires the knife manufacture’s winning formula: quality materials, state-of-the-art technology and time-honored craftsmanship.
For the blades, only specific classes of stainless steel are used for the cutlery, hot rolled, in a simple bevel, from the Bonpertuis French steelworks.

The new Skin line will also be premiered at Be Italian
Sanelli is already active in various foreign markets thanks to the high regard in which it is held by restaurant industry members, but it is exhibiting its wares in New York in order to further expand its market. “Be Italian is an excellent initiative,” said Antonio Sanelli, the company president, “because an event that brings together Italian manufacturers committed to excellence further showcases the unique quality of products Made in Italy.”
In addition to its flagship line, Premana Professional, featuring the classic green and red handle, Sanelli is also bring to New York its new Skin line, featuring a completely new handle. Thanks to the utilization of pioneering texturizing technology, the surface of the Skin handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, a welcome alternative to the hard, rigid feel of classic handles.