Be Italian features the cooking shows of the Federation of Italian Chefs USA – New York District.

Nine opportunities that should not be missed in order to taste traditional Italian dishes, discovering the excellent products exhibited at the fair.

Be Italian, organized by Lombardia Fiere within the context of the International Restaurants & Foodservice Show, scheduled to be held in New York at the Javits Center from 4 to 6 March, will be much more than a trade show featuring top-quality typical Italian products. Above all, it will serve as a means for spreading the Italian food culture among the professional American foodservice industry members.
To achieve this goal, Lombardia Fiere, in addition to bringing to New York leading companies representing the best in traditional products and professional equipment, has recruited one of the most qualified Italian industry member organizations active in the United States: the Federation of Italian Chefs USA – New York District, which will be presenting a series of cooking shows, featuring the best chefs.
“Our association was created in 2017 by several Italian chefs with a genuine passion for Italian cuisine,” explained Alessandro Pendinelli, President of the Federation, “and it aims to raise awareness in the New York area about the Italian food culture with its patrimony of flavors, expressed in its delicious dishes and time-honored traditions. By means of courses, seminars, demonstrations and cultural exchanges we intend to create a network of Italian professionals residing in New York and the surrounding area, people capable of promoting, experimenting and actually enhancing the Italian culinary tradition, also including innovative approaches.”

An international organization that is expanding throughout the world
FIC USA-NY is part of the international arm of the FIC, the International Federation of Chefs established in Milan in 1968 in order to develop an active national network of professional chefs, restaurateurs, cooking teachers and students. The FIC is the only association of chefs in Italy which is authorized to represent the “World Association of Chefs’ Societies” (WACS), bringing together more than 70 national federations scattered across five continents. In 2016 the FIC also began operations in the United States, with its first headquarters in Miami, and now finally with another in New York.

“Be Italian, a tool for transmitting our wine and food culture”
“The collaboration with Be Italian came into being thanks to Pentole Agnelli,” Pendinelli continued, “a leader in our sector and an exhibitor at the first edition of this pioneering trade show. He is an important partner because he embodies the sort of professionalism we are seeking; the same sort of professionalism that we hope to find on that part of Be Italian, a project which we fervently believe is capable of most effectively transmitting the best of our food and wine culture.”

A rich (and tasty!) program of cooking shows
During the three days of the fair, several of the Federation chefs will take turns manning the stoves arranged in the events area of Be Italian: Alessandro Pendinelli, himself, Massimiliano Convertini (Vice President of FIC USA-NY), Raffaele Ronca (Secretary of the Association), and Matteo Severi.
“The dishes we will be preparing will primarily feature the Italian products on exhibit at the trade show,” Alessandro Pendinelli was eager to point out. “More specifically, we will be preparing: pasta alla bolognese, pork tenderloin with balsamic vinegar, meatballs in tomato sauce, spaghetti with pecorino cheese and pepper, sautéed shrimps with fine herbs, prosciutto involtini (rolls), amatriciana, strips of beef with rocket salad and parmesan cheese.” Preparations that are especially popular with American consumers, who will find all the passion and culinary flair of Italy in these dishes.

The right occasion for introducing American restaurant and foodservice industry members to the Federation
“We feel that Be Italian is the perfect occasion for introducing our Federation to the restaurant and foodservice sector,” concluded the president, “an organization that reflects the values, the principles of quality and transparency, promoted by this trade fair.”